Midwestern State University offers the degree of Master of Science with a major in Computer Science. The degree program is designed to accept applicants from a broad range of undergraduate preparation and to provide them with knowledge and skills encompassing the areas of computer science methodologies and computer software design and development.


Applicants for admission to the program must possess a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university. Eligibility for admission to the program is determined by an evaluation that involves the scores achieved on the analytical, verbal and quantitative portions of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), the student's grade point average over the last 60 hours of undergraduate work (junior college work is excluded) and an analysis of the student's transcripts. More details can be found in the MSU graduate catalog here.

A proficiency in computer science and mathematics is necessary to pursue the master's degree. Applicants lacking background in these areas will be required to complete undergraduate preparation to attain the knowledge and skills required to pursue the graduate degree. A minimum score on the TOEFL exam is required of all international students whose native language is not English. Details can be found here.

Students lacking adequate preparation in Writing, Computer Science and/or Mathematics will be required to complete courses from the list below prior to enrolling in most graduate level courses in the degree program.

Computer Science

  • CMPS 1044 Computer Science I
  • CMPS 1063 Data Structures and ADT
  • CMPS 2084 Introduction to Computer Architecture
  • CMPS 2433 Discrete Structures and Analysis
  • CMPS 3013 Advanced Structures and Algorithms
  • CMPS 4103 Operating Systems
  • Mathematics

  • MATH 1233 College Algebra and MATH 1433 Trigonometry (or) MATH 1534 Pre-Calculus
  • MATH 1634 Calculus I
  • English

  • ENGL 2113 Composition Skills
  • All candidates must complete or have formal education in the courses constituting the core curriculum.

  • CMPS 5113 Advanced Programming Language Concepts
  • CMPS 5133 Advanced Computer Architecture
  • CMPS 5143 Advanced Operating Systems
  • CMPS 5153 Advanced Software Engineering
  • CMPS 5243 Algorithm Analysis
  • CMPS 4103 Operating Systems
  • Students may choose courses from the following list to complete the degree requirements in Computer Science.

  • CMPS 5203 Embedded Systems
  • CMPS 5213 Wireless Computer Communications and Networks
  • CMPS 5223 Language Translators and Interpreters
  • CMPS 5253 Expert Systems
  • CMPS 5303 Advanced Database Management Systems
  • CMPS 5313 Automata Theory
  • CMPS 5323 Computer Methods in Applied Science
  • CMPS 5333 Discrete System Simulation
  • CMPS 5353 Graduate Topics in Computer Graphics
  • CMPS 5363 Graduate Topics in Computer and Network Security
  • CMPS 5433 Graduate Topics in Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • CMPS 5443 Advanced Topics in Computer Science
  • CMPS 5463 Applied Soft Computing
  • CMPS 5993 Independent Graduate Study in Computer Science
  • CMPS 6901 Independent Graduate Study in Computer Science
  • .

    A research paper in Computer Science is required of each student to demonstrate his ability to perform acceptable research and to report it clearly and concisely in proper form.

    FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE : A limited number of graduate assistantships are available to students in a competitive basis. All students entering the program must be self-supporting for at least one calendar year. Applications for assistantships and additional information regarding the degree program may be obtained from:

    Dr. Nelson Passos
    Professor and Graduate Coordinator
    (940) 397-4129