Welcome to the website of the Computer Science Department of Midwestern State University.
The Computer Science Department is located within the Bolin Science Hall and is a department in the Mccoy college of Science Mathmatics and Engineering building. The Computer Science Program at MSU prepares students for exciting career opportunities in computing. Computer science majors complete a curriculum which is based on fundamental concepts in computing. Such a curriculum enables our graduates to obtain financially rewarding positions in today's job market and easily adapt to the changing requirements of tomorrow's computing industry. Midwestern State University offers B.S., B.A., and M.S. degrees in computer science


Dr.Halverson Retires

Dr. Ranette Halverson served as a professor and chair of our department for 40 years. For many students, she taught their first and last major courses, contributing every step of the way to the growth and learning of hundreds of scientists and engineers. She is a kind and outstanding woman that constantly pushed people to do better. Her retirment does not mark the end of her love for MSU and it's students. She will certainly continue to be a part of our family for many years to come. If you would like to watch pieces of the ceremony or want to donate to the scholarship made in her honor follow the link here.

Computer Science departments's Four Minors:

Computer Science , Cybersecurity, High Performance Computing, and Computational Science. Information is avalible here.

Midwestern State University a GPU Education Center by NVIDIA

Midwestern State University is considered a GPU Education Center by NVIDIA, a computer technology company that has pioneered GPU-accelerated computing. Dr. Eduardo Colmenares serves as the center director.

GPU Education Centers are recognized institutions that have integrated GPU-accelerated computing into their mainstream science and engineering curriculum. GPU-accelerated computing leverages the parallel processing capabilities of GPU accelerators and enabling software to deliver dramatic increases in performance for scientific, artificial intelligence, deep learning, graphics, engineering, and other demanding applications.

MSU was recognized for its commitment to advancing the state of parallel programming education, and regularly offers courses with a strong and up-to-date high performance computing (HPC) foundation. MSU offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science.

Thanks to NVIDIA’s support, not only will CMPS students at MSU have access to the latest technology, information, class and lab materials, but also we, as an institution, will be able to offer enhanced accelerated computing and HPC experience to all individuals interested in growing, developing, enhancing, and applying these relevant and valuable skills.


Author 1

"The things that I learnt during my time at Midwestern State University in the Computer Science department have proved to be indispensable. The skills and knowledge that the professors shared with me both inside and out of class have helped me start a budding career as a software developer in a Start Up company."

- Simbarashe Tanaka Musarurwa,
BS Computer Science(2014)
Author 2

"Earning my degree in Computer Science from Midwestern State University has opened many doors for me. Software engineering and computer science careers depend upon the constant evolution of new approaches and techniques for problem solving while enabling the exploration of diverse fields in which software and technology can be applied. As a computer scientist at 3M, I have the opportunity to study interdependencies of material science, computer science, and the user experience as I innovate through analogy."

- Kandyce Bohannon,
MS Computer Science (2010),
BS Computer Science (2008)
Author 3

"A degree in Computer Science from Midwestern State University equipped me well for both graduate studies and subsequent work in both academia and industry - I have been working in the Silicon Valley surrounded by top computer scientists, many of whom graduated from top-name universities, and have not felt outgunned. Looking back, I realize I benefited both from the strong fundamentals provided by the coursework and from continued guidance and support by the faculty, two of the strengths of the Computer Science department."

- Paulius Micikevicius,
BS Computer Science (1998)