What's a Game Jam?

The Game Jam is a contest of creating a fun game quickly. The goal is to make more games for you and your friends to enjoy. After the game jam, you might keep working on your submission to make it a full fledged game. The goal is not to build another world of warcraft, you likely won't have time to build a full game. So it's best to try to implement a small feature and try to wrap a game around it.

There will be foood, snacks, and drinks provided onsite. We encourage participants to join us in Bolin Hall Room 101. ACM officers will be available during the entire event to help answer questions and offer suggestions.

Where do I go?

  • Bolin Hall - Room 101
  • March 25th @ 5pm - March 27th @ Noon


  • No Inappropriate Content. Submissons should generally be PG.
  • No work should be done before the event begins.
  • All work must be your own.

Prize Categories

  • GameJam Champion - Best overall, this will be determined by votes on Itch.io.
  • Best Design - Awarded by judges, based on art, music, sound effects, etc.
  • Best Engineer - Awarded by judges, based on making code do cool stuff.
  • Learning Achievement - Awarded to amateur who tries something new.