January 2022

Kicking off the new year!

It's the beginning of the spring semester and the MSU Texas ACM is excited to begin the new year with everyone! We are under new administration for 2022 as our elections went off successfully in November. We'll be having our first meeting of the new year on February 1st at 5pm. Stay tuned for details of the meeting location, we'll post them here on our instagram as well as on our website. For those who aren't already in the know, the Association of Computing Machinery or ACM is a student group dedicated to all things computers, programming, machine learning and using the marriage of programming skills and mechanical skills to solve real world problems. Some of the perks of joining include: access to scholarships, special lectures, programming competitions, games, and more! The ACM is open to all students of Midwestern State University regardless of major. So if you have an interest in programming, computers, math, science, machine learning, or engineering, we'd love to see you at our first meeting on Tuesday, February 1st. This newsletter type of information will also be distributed to our followers on instagram, so follow there to receive monthly updates.

Officer Spotlight

As part of our newsletter we'd like to introduce the members of our leadership team over the next few months as an officer spotlight.
We'll kick off the new year with Lindsey Nager our ACM president for 2022. Lindsey is a computer science major, but she enjoys learning from all branches of math and science. Her vision is to build the ACM into something great through hard work and dedication with the ACM team. She and the team strive to create fun and engaging events that members can enjoy and learn from. She's excited for the opportunity and she hopes to see you at our upcoming events.