What's a Hack-a-thon?

The Hack-a-Thon is a contest of developing functional software that could be sold as a product. Examples include: format converter, picture viewer, terminal money management software, etc. Submissions will need some form of advertising which explains what the product is and how it works. Submissions without advertising will be ineligible for the champion and advertising awards, but will still be considered for the best product award. Submissions without a product will be ineligible for the champion and product awards, but will still be considered for the best advertisement award.

There will be snacks and drinks provided onsite. We encourage participants to join us in the Legacy MPR. ACM officers will be available during the entire event to help answer questions and offer suggestions.

Where do I go?

  • Legacy Multi-Purpose Room
  • February 11th @ 5pm - February 13th @ Noon


  • No Inappropriate Content. Submissons should generally be PG.
  • No work should be done before the event begins.
  • All work must be your own.

Prize Categories

  • Hack-a-Thon Champion - Best overall, must have product and advertisement.
  • Best Product - Must have a fully functional product. No advertisement needed.
  • Best Advertisement - Must have a fully put together advertisement, does not need a functional product.
  • Dr. Griffin's Comedy Award - Awarded to funniest submission according to Dr. Griffin.