Monthly Meetings

Student life is busy. The ACM has once a month member meetings, so we won't take up too much of your time.

Tech Centered Events

Competitions, Games, and Educational Tech Events

Guest Speakers

Get Tips on obtaining Tech Industry Jobs from Alumni and Company Sponsors


Support the ACM and the Computer Science Department

Learn Tech

Learn Programming, Technology, and How to Further Your Career

Make Connections

Meet other students with similar interests

The ACM Mission

Our desire at the MSU Texas ACM is to create a space for anyone who is interested in using software to solve real world problems. We have events in addition to member meetings that are geared toward this goal. As computer scientists, it's easy to sit in our shells and avoid interaction with other people. We want to offer a fun and safe community where even introverts can fit in.

ACM Executives

Why Join the ACM?

  • Connections with potential employers
  • Scholarships
  • Awards to help pad your resume
  • Camaraderie with fellow students
  • A break from coursework


Having a fun time isn't the only benefit of ACM events. The top participants are awarded plaques that can decorate your wall and show experience on your resume!


A weekend long competition that allows participants to bring to life the ideas and projects they've been wanting to bring to life.

General Meetings

At ACM general meetings, members are presented new ideas, new opportunities, and a chance to share their experiences during their time at MSU.

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